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*M&B Property Group offers a 20% rebate on commission received by an owner/management company of an apartment property—this does not apply to other lease scenarios.  (Example, $250 commission received = 20% rebate of $50, $1000 commission received = 20% rebate of $200, $1500 commission, 20% rebate of $300, etc.  Each rebate will be remitted to one occupant of a particular unit leased.)

*We will accompany YOU, at NO COST, to any of the apartments you’d like to see in Greater Houston.  (We cannot guarantee schedules will always coincide, so please see “How it works.”)

*You can also receive the rebate at any apartment complex in the ENTIRE state of Texas as long as we are paid a commission by the owner/management company of an apartment property.  (M&B Property Group can only offer accompaniment for apartment properties in Greater Houston.)


How it works:

*In order to receive the 20% rebate, M&B Property Group must receive a commission from that property owner/management company from which you secured an apartment lease.

*In order for that to occur, M&B Property Group MUST be on all Tour/Guest Cards and Applications for all applicants occupying each particular apartment unit.

*Once the commission is paid, M&B Property Group will remit one 20% rebate for a particular unit—One occupant will receive the rebate and will need to disburse any amounts to other occupants/roommates.  (Keep in mind, it can take up to, and not limited to, 120 days for Brokers to receive commission payment from apartment property owners/management companies.)


*If M&B Property Group is not paid a commission, a rebate cannot be remitted, under any circumstances.